Danielle Shrimpton

Born in Sutton Coldfiled UK, Danielle Shrimpton moved to Portugal in 1974 as a child.

She attended the International school in the Algarve before returning to the Cotswolds for her “A” Levels, moving on to Warwick University where she obtained her Law Degree.

Prior to qualifying as a Portuguese Lawyer at the Classic University at the Lisbon Faculty of Law and Chamber of Solicitors in 2007 she gained valuable experience by working with Property Development Companies and Foreign Exchange Companies in London, Gibraltar and Hungary.

During her studies at Lisbon University she also had to look after and juggle a family with 3 children.

Danielle was Pro-Consul at the British Consulate in Portimão. Algarve.

Before opening her own law firm in 2009 she worked initially with a Portuguese colleague in a joint law practice. 

Strong professional work ethic, the importance of speedy communications with all clients, her profound and in depth knowledge in her chosen speciality areas of the law are the hallmarks not only of Danielle Shrimpton as a person but also in her capacity as a solicitor.


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