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Portuguese touristic rental license – Alojamento Local

The rental license, (Alojamento Local) in Portuguese is now required if you rent your property in Portugal on a temporary basis, i.e. holiday rentals.

if you rent your property in Portugal on a temporary basis you must be licensed under the regime Alojamento Local (Local Lodging)

It has until now been almost impossible to obtain the necessary rental license for your property in Portugal. Many owners were indeed unaware of the need for a rental license until the government inspectorate began issuing fines back in 2006.
Decree Law nr.39/2008 came into force on 7th of March 2008 which greatly simplified the procedure to obtain a touristic license to rent your private property on a temporary basis.

Article 3.1 determines that villas, apartments and hosting establishments, that have a habitation license, which offer services of temporary accommodation to paying guests, but which do not comply with criteria to be considered tourism developments, will be considered as Local Lodging Establishments. Any Local Lodging Establishment should comply with a list of minimum conditions as stipulated in Ministerial Decree 517/2008 of the 25th of June

General requirements

The establishment should meet the following requirements:

-Be in good condition internally and externally
-Be connected to the mains water supply or have access to a registered bore hole
-Be connected to mains drainage or to a septic tank with adequate dimensions for the size of the property
-Supply both hot and cold water
-Have sufficient windows for ventilation and airing
-Be well furnished and equipped
-Provide shutters or curtains to block out natural light
-Provide lockable doors where necessary for security and privacy
-Provide a minimum of one bathroom for every three bedrooms

Hygiene requirements

Each establishment should be clean and hygienic. Cleaning and laundry change must happen at least once per week and always when there is a change of guests.

Safety requirements

Lodging establishments with less than fifty beds should make available:

-Sufficient fire extinguishers and blankets for the size of the property
-First aid kit
-Instruction manuals for the electrical appliances
-Indication of the emergency number 112
-Lodging establishments with fifty or more beds must also provide a fire alarm system in accordance with the fire safety project and a telephone.


The capacity of the establishment is determined by the number and type of permanent beds. Temporary beds are permitted but the number must not exceed the number of permanent beds

Complaints book

All local lodging establishments must provide a "Livro de reclamações" (complaints book). In the event of a complaint the original page must be sent to Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica (ASAE).


Application is directed to the president of the respective local council with supporting documents:

-Proof of identification
-Habitation license
-Certification from electrician and gas engineer
-Plans of the area to be rented
-Caderneta (tax office document)
-Guest houses comprising 50 or more beds must also submit a fire safety project

Once the application has been stamped you may legally commence renting your property. The local council may conduct a physical inspection in the months following the lodging of the application and if they are not satisfied the application will be cancelled.

If you are looking to legalise the status of a property which is used for short term letting contact us and we will take care of all the required paperwork for you.

Fines for not complying with the legislation range form 3,500 - 25,000 Euros.

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